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Titel: Arbeitsmarktchancen und Berufsperspektiven im Feld der Sozialbetreuungsberufe
Autoren: Hinterdorfer, Gregor
Schörner, Barbara
Stichwörter: Altenbetreuung
Erscheinungsdatum: Apr-2015
Zusammenfassung: In Austria there is a severe lack of employees in the field of Social Care Professions. Simultaneously the unemployment rate of especially young people is increasing too. The purpose of this study in the context of a master thesis is to explore how students in schools for Social Care Professions estimate their job perspectives and their chances on the employment market. Further this occupational field shall become more attractive particularly for young people. This quantitative study was a first time investigation conducted 2013 in all the schools for Social Care in Lower Austria. As the key finding of this work it can be concluded that the students have a very optimistic attitude towards their future career, which is seen within the field of Social Care Professions. Moreover, an image campaign has to be carried out to make the forms of education in the field of Social Care Professions more attractive for juveniles and for groups which are under-represented in this field.
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